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Apr 03

Monopoly: Dragon Ball Z Edition

Dragon Ball Z Monopoly

Everyone loves Monopoly, right? Well, not everyone. In any case, even if you don’t, this is pretty cool! Unlike traditional Monopoly where property is purchased, in this Dragon Ball Z edition players can recruit different characters from the series to become the richest fighter in the world! Though prices vary depending on the retailer, the MSRP for …

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Dec 02

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Video Preview- Game Informer

battle of z

Here we have the latest game play demo of the soon to be released Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z game!  Unlike the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast games (which were both developed by Spike), Battle of Z is being developed by Artdink. Artdink is known for specializing in Gundam and Macross games. In the …

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Jul 11

News Regarding a Latin American Dub for Battle of Gods

ANMTV has reported much great news regarding a dub for Battle of Gods for Latin America! First, on Monday, they reported: Hace escasos minutos el actor de doblaje Ismael Larumbe acaba de anunciar mediante su Facebook que fue llamado para interpretar a Ten Shin Han en  Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods. Las palabras del actor fueron las siguientes: Me …

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Jul 03

Daisuki: Now Streaming Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Live Streaming on Dasuki

Hi DBZ world. I am Rubi Garcia, the newest member of the Dragon Ball Insider! I have a small, but exciting update to share with everyone today! The streaming service Daisuki has confirmed that they will begin streaming episodes of Dragon Ball Z for Canada and the US in Japanese with English subtitles. The episodes …

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May 09

Chōzenshū 4 and Chōgashū Now Available

(Images courtesy of CDJapan) Fresh off the bookshelves in Japan, we have some brand new content! Just released were the Chōzenshū 4 (“Super Encyclopedia”) and the Chōgashū (“Super Art Collection”) books. As you can tell by the translations provided, the Chōgashū will focus purely on the fresh lot of new content alongside some material from …

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Apr 16

Confirmed: A new DBZ Series was NOT Announced!

There has been a rumor polluting the internet that since Battle of Gods was so successful, Akira Toriyama is going to be working on a new Dragon Ball Series with 200+ episodes. This is just pollution, and is false information. On Kanzenshuu’s latest podcast it is fully explained as to why this is false information. …

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Apr 16

Battle of Gods Brings in 2.2 Billion Yen by Third Weekend

Cinema Today has posted an update on the success of Battle of Gods. We were fortunate to get an English Translation of there information. Enjoy. “God and DRAGON BALL Z” the latest movie in the popular comic published 17 years from the end of the [Cinema Movie News Today] last month, the fastest in the …

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Mar 16

Official Super Saiyan God Revealed!

The newest V-jump releases many scans from the Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods movie. Some of those reveal the Super Saiyan God. Here’s the first look at the Godly Goku. What you guys think? What my team (Experts) thinks. Earlier when we discuss this among each other we were ecstatic. We feel this …

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