Dragon Ball Insider Staff

Anthony Putignano

(News/Content Manager)

Anthony Putignano was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1990. In his early years, Anthony’s passion as a child was centered around sports. One could say Anthony is your typical “jock”. For many years, baseball consumed the majority of his childhood, and then there was Dragon Ball.

Like most kids growing up in the 90’s, he became accustomed to the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Z. Anthony was never much of an anime fan. In fact, Dragon Ball is the only anime he has ever watched. To him, he had always considered Dragon Ball a “cartoon”, rather than an “anime”. This was due to the fact that he never watched any other “anime”, to know what it an “anime” is (as a child of course). Further more, once he got in to the show, he really got into the show. Anthony began to study all aspects of the franchise, including the anime (in multiple languages), manga, guide books and various aspects of production.

Anthony’s knowledge and expertise far surpasses any other fan he encounters. In other words, once you think you know all about Dragon Ball, odds are he will make you think other wise. Having a conversation with him is more or less equivalent to taking a class designated for Dragon Ball.

Being the content manager and founder of Dragon Ball Insider, Anthony strives on bringing the best of everything Dragon Ball to his fans worldwide. Anthony is extremely motivated, and is the “business man” of Dragon Ball Insider. To him, nothing is taken lightly, and everything is done with passion behind it. Therefore, if it weren’t for him, Dragon Ball Insider would not be growing at the rate it has been, and what you are reading now, would not be here.

David Miranda

(Production Specialist/Realist/Research Consultant)

David Miranda (DBEternity) was born in Cali, Colombia on October 7, 1997. Moving to the United States, specifically Rancho Cucamonga, California, around 1999-2000, he was not born into the generation of fans growing up with Dragon Ball Z on American television, which began syndicated in 1996 and later a big hit in the 2000’s on Toonami.

David was never really a sports person during his early childhood or to this day. Instead, his hobbies consist of writing, browsing the web, watching shows and movies, and simply gathering socially in rendezvous with friends. Among these hobbies also included anime. During its run on Toonami, David was not interested in Dragon Ball at all. He was more of a fan of Naruto, and that took place of his first main anime fandom. The lack of interest in DB continued until 2009, when a little cousin demonstrated to him the first episode of Dragon Ball via YouTube, of all places. After being shown the episode, he decided to pursue his budding interest and purchased the first season of Dragon Ball on DVD. Not being a big fan of English dubs to begin with, he purchased this box set strictly to view the Japanese version of the show, which fuels his part in the fandom, as well as the Mexican Spanish/Latin American dub that broadcast in Colombia, his home country. Aside from Dragon Ball he is a generally avid fan of anime. He currently resides in California in high school, and is one of the most informative of the Dragon Ball Insiders. He is the youngest member, and was chosen by Anthony himself, very impressed with his youth and knowledge. He is well-suited with production of the show (how exactly is was made) as well as anything else regarding the series that is logically or philosophically answerable (with moderation, of course). For a person of his age, David is incredibly knowledgeable surrounding the series and its culture. His knowledge is derived from years and years of watching, re-watching, comparing foreign dubs, browsing the Kanzenshuu forums, and general researching. The only shaky area for him is the Boo arc. For all other sagas, he can answer pretty much everything, and if your facts are wrong he will prove them wrong.

David can be found sometimes on the website, as well as @dbeternity on Instagram. Watch out, however, if you make a remark he finds dimwitted, he will not be afraid to confront you about it in a sarcastic manner.

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