Dragon Ball Super – Future Trunks Arc

dragon ball super future trunks arc

After the menace of the Artificial Humans has been quelled, a new crisis arises in the future Earth! A single man who arrived, all of a sudden, goes on a rampage, and humanity is now on the brink of destruction! Future Trunks stands up to him, but even with the power of a Super Saiyan, this man, called “Black”, is not an enemy he is capable of defeating. Future Bulma decides asking the Goku and Vegeta of the world of the past to lend them their strength. When half a year passes and they gather enough fuel for their time machine to make a one-way trip, the unstoppable opponent, “Black”, appears right in front of Bulma and Trunks!

Dragon Ball Super  Episodes 047 – Ongoing  July 12, 2016  Present

Title ScreenEpisode TitleAir Date
dragon ball super ep 47 titleDragon Ball Super Episode 047

Mirai kara no Esu·Ō·Esu! Kuroki Aratana Teki Arawaru! !
SOS From the Future! A Black New Enemy Appears!!
dragon ball super ep 48 titleDragon Ball Super Episode 048

HOPE!!再び 現在で目覚めよトランクス
Kibō!! Futatabi Ima de Mezameyo Torankusu
Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present
dragon ball super ep 49 titleDragon Ball Super Episode 049

未来からのメッセージ ゴクウブラック襲来!
Mirai kara no Messēji Gokū Burakku Shūrai!
A Message From the Future — Goku Black Invades
dbsuper title screenDragon Ball Super Episode 050

Gokū Tai Burakku! Tozasareta Mirai e no Michi
Goku vs Black! The Path to the Sealed Future