“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 046

dragon ball super ep 46 title Goku vs Copy-Vegeta! Who Will Prevail?!

Episode Summary: 

The battle begins and both Goku and Copy-Vegeta seem to be evenly matched. Watching off to the side, a still powerless Vegeta watches angered with how Goku is fighting at a subpar level than usual. He then once more gets angry at the Copy- Vegeta for the exact same reason because if he had exactly copied his powers, he wouldn’t be fighting so poorly. Needless to say, even though Vegeta’s life is on the line, he is conflicted with the events of the battle since he still refuses to believe Goku would be able to beat the Copy of him.

Vegeta is fed up and flies off going towards and attacking Copy-Vegeta, however, he slips right through him. The Copy-Vegeta tells Vegeta to stay out of their battle as his is merely a “discarded husk”. Vegeta then snaps back at the Copy criticizing him for fighting so horribly. Because he has so much pride, he would still feel better knowing his direct Copy beat Goku even if it resulting in his own death. He then demands Copy-Vegeta to beat Goku…and also demands Goku not lose…?! Both Goku and Copy-Vegeta are confused.

With all of this, Goku gets serious and transform into his Super Saiyan Blue form. Shortly thereafter, Copy-Vegeta does the same. Being that some time has passed, Vegeta is becoming increasingly transparent. Potage sees this and quickly gives him the pacifier/key/thing and tells him to put it in his mouth saying that this could buy him sometime considering this is the key that kept and locked up the Superhuman Water. Jaco then tries to take a picture of Vegeta with the pacifier-key in his mouth, but to his disappointment, his cameras batteries are dead.

The battle of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Copy-Vegeta continues. Up to this point, the battle is still pretty much evenly matched. Potage remembers something that could be critical to this situation. He explains that if they destroy the nucleus of the Superhuman Water, which is located in said of the “main body”, all of the existing copies will be weakened. Trunks angrily shouts at Potage asking him why he didn’t mention this at an earlier time, but Potage things him guarding the Water for a century is a good enough excuse to forget. Now they need to go find the Copy-Gryll, which contains the nucleus and try to destroy it.

In going to search for the Copy-Gryll, but he isn’t where the Copy-Vegeta blasted him. The group and Jaco specifically assumes that the liquid is somewhere hidden, waiting to grab its’ next victim. This is in fact the case; however, it’s only after Goten and Trunks. Jaco is offended that the water doesn’t see him as someone that is worth absorbing. The gang begins avoiding the waters’ attacks, but Trunks then realizing that Vegeta’s power is slipping further away. They rush to help.

Once they reach Vegeta Trunks is happy to see that he is still somewhat, though less, intact. Without realizing it, the Superhuman Water sneaks up behind him. Just as the water is about to absorb Trunks, Vegeta turns around and rushes to save him. This whole time Monaka has been unconscious but finally awakens. As he wakes up he, by accident, steps on the Superhuman Water breaking the nucleus. As soon as this happens, the Copy-Vegeta begins becoming disfigured and Goku uses his Kamehame-ha to finish him off! Vegeta is back to normal, and Potage reseals the Superhuman Water. He then thanks Monaka, Trunks and Goten.

The gang is now back on Earth and of course Goku is ecstatic to hear that Monaka is the one who really defeated the Superhuman Water; however, Goku claims that he would have finished him off. He was SO close…! This angers Vegeta, of course. Vegeta us stunning and disgusted with himself after being told that the key he was sucking on was actually a baby pacifier. Bulma and Chi-Chi reprimand both Trunks and Goten for sneaking onto the spaceship with Monaka. Vegeta then says that if he would have known it was a pacifier in the first place, he would have never put it into his mouth. Goku expresses that it’s a good thing he did, because if he had died, they would not be able to actually fight one another again.

The scene switches over to the all too familiar future timeline, where we see Future Trunks in what looks like a world of terror once more…what could this mean…?!

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.