“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 040


The Conclusion At Last! Who Will Prevail? Beerus, or Champa?

Episode Summary: 

Goku fires his Kamehameha through the barrier surrounding the arena! Because of this, the audience starts getting sucked in like a vacuum, however, Whis and Vados quickly use their abilities to seal the barrier back up. Beerus and the referee try to locate the two fighters, Goku and Hit, only to find that they are both standing on each of the large portraits of Beerus and Champa. Piccolo wonders if this is considered out-of-bounds, but both Champa and Beerus quickly confirm they are both still in bounds.

The referee states that the match will continue. Hit begins explaining to Goku that he was able to dodge his last attack, and in doing so he improved his Time-Skip technique even more. His improvement is all thanks to him being able to fight such as fighter as powerful as Goku, and he plans to continue improving his abilities. It is clear now that Goku is suffering damage to his body as a result of the Kaio-ken, but he smiles at Hit, and with a short delay, Hit smiles back. The Kaioshin of Universe 6 begins freaking out after seeing Hit smile, and then Universe 7’s East Kaioshin jumps in explaining that this is exactly the effect that Goku has on people. The Elder Kaioshin of Universe 7 also jumps in and yells at the East Kaioshin for stealing his cool lines, seeing as how he had mentioned this earlier in their match.

Goku puts his fist out, and the two slowing approach one another. They bump fist, and fly to opposite sides of the arena. The two begin getting into position, and Beerus notices that Hit must have invented a new pose to match his new strength. Once more Goku is shown suffering from the aftereffects of the Kaio-ken, and realizes that this could be trouble. Champa yells at Hit telling him that Goku won’t be able to use his Kaio-ken for much longer, and that he should not bother engaging him, but stay away until his stamina runs out. Vados praises Champa for this strategy, but Cabba is very unhappy. He explains is too proud a warrior to win like that. Champa quickly tells Cabba to be quiet, and says that this battle is between him and Beerus. He states that, “everyone is just a pawn in their game!” Goku and Hit both hear what Champa says, and they quick glare over at Champa. To Champa’s surprise, he is taken back and falls backward with noticeable alarm. Vados is not curious to see how their match will unfold.

Goku then tells his that they should show everyone that they are not just pawn. The two both begin powering up. Goku thinks to himself and is proud that he is able to be getting the chance to fight the strong of the Universe 6 fighters. Vados then mentions that the barrier might end up breaking simply because of Goku and Hit’s ki. The two rush as one another, and Hit quickly shows of his improved Time-Skip, landing successive attacks on Goku. Goku’s Kaio-ken aura disappears, and he begins slowly falling back towards the area. However, Goku somehow recovers and powers back up and counters by attacking hit. With one punch, Goku sends Hit flying as he crashes into the large portrait of Champa. Hit then falls to the area, but Goku is far too exhausted to attack again. Hit and Goku are now back on the arena catching their breath, while the audience watches with amazement. The two struggle to their feet, and at that moment Goku turns to Beerus requesting that all rules of the tournament be revoked.

Everyone is in complete shock, but Goku explains that because of the rules Hit is unable to fight as his full potential. This is of course because Hit is an assassin and his true power lies in his killing techniques. Goku knows that if Hit was fighting at full power, the last attacks on him would have had him beat. Goku apologizes to Hit for not catching on to this until now. Hit is in shock as it appears that Goku isn’t afraid to die. Off to the side Champa begins applauding Goku and agrees that a change should be made, however, Beerus refuses. The two start arguing and Goku states to Hit that they probably won’t stop for a while. Hit then states to Goku they are just pawns, after all. Goku responds by saying, “for now”. Goku then tells his that they can fight another time without these restrictions, and seeing as how Champa and Beerus most likely won’t stop arguing, that time isn’t now. Goku then turns around and slowly walks to the edge of the ring and jumps off. Being that the rules still remain unchanged, Hit is declared the winner. Goku flies back into the area and respectably bows to Hit. It is at this moment that Beerus and Champa stop arguing.

Goku gives Champa and thumbs-up, and reverts back to his base form. He then falls to the ground in pain with noticeable damages done to his muscles. Piccolo then flies over to the seemingly useless Goku at this point, calling him reckless. Hit then walks away and is completely surprised with Goku’s actions, and him as an individual. Being that Goku has lost, the referee announces the final match: Hit vs. Monaka! Goku finally reaches his seat, and says that he will hold off on using the Kaio-ken for a while. Vegeta calls Goku an idiot.

Beerus begins telling Goku that he has no idea what he has done, but Goku notes that he would have lost anyway considering he wasn’t able to use the Kaio-ken much longer. Of course, Goku isn’t worried at all because now they’ve got the strongest fighter in Universe 7 on their side, Monaka! However, little does Goku know that Beerus lied about how powerful Monaka was in order to motivate Goku and Vegeta. Whis makes a smart remark to Beerus assuring him that Goku is right and that everything will be just fine. Vegeta then asks Piccolo why he seems to be nervous, but Piccolo doesn’t say a word. Monaka then begins to walk to the edge of where everyone is sitting and with a short wait dives into the ring. Hit and Vegeta are curious and can clearly see that something is wrong, however, Goku is clueless and calls Monaka’s movements unpredictable. He is the strongest in the universe, after all!

Beerus knows that things are hopeless now, and Monaka is sweating profusely as he walks toward Hit. Hit is no idiot, and he knows Monaka has no ability whatsoever. Champa rings the bell, and Monaka rushes at Hit, and lands a punch on Hit’s leg! After a somewhat long pause, Hit yells out and goes flying out of the ring. It’s a ring-out! Everyone is shocked as the referee declares the match over by way of ring-out. Members of the Universe 7 audience cheer Monaka on, while both Beerus and Monaka are both confused. Of course Goku is impressed because he still has no idea that Monaka has zero ability. The Galactic King states that he could use people like that as part of the Galactic Patrol, but Jaco states that it would just destroy the patrol. Goku then flies over and thanks everyone for cheering him on, and the Galactic King congratulates Goku on his fight. Goku appreciates the gesture, and thanks the King for explaining the Time-Skip technique to him. He shakes one of the King’s tentacles showing his gratitude. Jaco sees this and somewhat freaks out, and the King, now blushing, tells Goku that what he is shaking isn’t a tentacle, but his private part! Hit then flies over to Goku and says that they are now even. It is obvious now that Hit purposely lost to repay Goku.

As Hit approaches his team Universe 6, Hit tells Champa that he no longer wants the Cube, and requests to be taken home. Champa says that Hit has got to be kidding. Hit completely disobeyed Champa, and Champa isn’t happy. He then threatens Hit saying that there’s no way he is going home alive. Hit saw this coming, and starts to get into a fighting pose. Cabba interferes but Champa shouts at him. Goku gets ready to go help Hit, but Beerus stops him. Beerus states that since the tournament is now over, the God of Destruction can get rid of anyone he wants. Champa begins to brag that not even Hit’s Time-Skip technique and Goku’s Super Saiyan ability could match him. He plans to show them just how terrifying a God of Destruction can be. Vados interrupts Champa and directs his attention to the ring. Champa and Beerus scream once they see who has arrived. Three individuals, one small, and two tall stand at the center of the arena. Goku asks Beerus who they are, but Beerus is speechless. The Omni-King, Zen’ō, has arrived!

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出でよ神の龍 そして願いを叶えてちょんまげ!
Ide yo Kami no Ryū Soshite Negai o Kanaete Chonmage!
Come Forth, Dragon of the Gods — Grant My Wish, Pretty Peas!

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.