“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 034

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Piccolo vs Frost — Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō!

Episode Summary: 

Confusion strikes the tournament grounds as the spectators speculate just what happened: Goku has lost! Piccolo theorises that Goku has suffered brain damage from too many hits. Bulma reprimands Kuririn for not cheering enough for Goku, as if this is why he lost. Frantically, Chi-Chi rushes to her husband’s side, happy to know he is all right. Frost also makes sure he did not kill his opponent, who praises him for his technique he used to defeat Goku so easily. When asked what it was, Frost could not answer, as even he was unaware of what transpired, meaning his attack to only be an act of desperation. Goku returns to his onlooking team and is excited to enjoy watching the rest of the matches, but Beerus is not so happy-go-lucky about the situation. He criticizes Goku for failing to fight in his full potential, for he could win easily had he done so. Goku promises to do better next time, although that is not relevant at the moment. Champa interrupts the conversation to enjoy the argument, but Beerus spites him by saying that it is not about winning or losing, but how well they performed.

Next it is Piccolo’s turn to fight Frost. He asks if he has any chance of winning, to which Goku bluntly replies, “nope!” Although, he feels like he might be able to wear Frost out a bit to help Vegeta when it becomes his turn. Piccolo descends and asks Frost to hold back a bit for him. But he need not worry, since Frost has lost the energy necessary to accidentally kill his opponent. Piccolo prepares to fight and takes off his weighted clothing, which crushes the referee on accident. Meanwhile, there is something else on Vegeta’s mind. There’s no way such a low-level of attack could have made Kakarrotto lose consciousness like that. Just then, out of nowhere, Jaco joins Vegeta, saying it is much easier to see from there. Champa rings the bell and the battle begins. Piccolo immediately begins by charging a Makankousappou, which Vegeta criticizes for its major flaw: requiring the storage of a significant amount of ki, taking a good, fatal while to gather. Piccolo dodges Frost’s death beams while still charging his attack, unleashing it after it’s charged. However, it misses Frost, and when Piccolo tries again, Frost simply deflects it with his own beams. Another barrage comes Piccolo’s way, and this time he is unable to dodge each one. He is shot in the knee, and falls straight to the floor, luckily being able to recover from his fall on the ground, still being able to charge the Makankousappou. However, he won’t be able to run around like he was before. Instead, Piccolo multiplies, creating clones of himself. Champa ridicules the fight because of Piccolo’s running tactics, but the referee refuses to take action against it, since it is fair play. During matches, after all, the referee is even greater than the Gods of Destruction. Although neither one thinks so. Frost begins destroying each clone while Piccolo still charges. It seems to Kuririn he plans on ending the fight with an attack that goes beyond his limitations. Frost begins to be annoyed by Piccolo’s inactivity and covering his face with the light, so he unleashes a wave of energy surrounding him, destroying every clone, and begins a melee barrage on the real Piccolo, who blocks with his free arm. Like this, he won’t be able to use the Makankousappou, a ranged attack, effectively, and in the end it proves worthless. Piccolo is punched and kicked in the abdomen, breaking his concentration and sending him across the stage. However, Piccolo has another trick up his sleeve: he wraps Frost with his arms, stretching them around him. This was Piccolo’s plan all along, even the part where his leg was shot, and now he can store up his ki without needing to worry.

Everyone watches in awe. Frost has made a mistake, focusing solely on Piccolo’s ki and lowering his guard the second it was broken. Not knowing about Piccolo’s strategic fighting style is the reason Frost is doomed to fail. Frost admits defeat; there’s no way the Makankousappou can miss now. However, just as he is about to unleash the attack, something goes amiss. A small hole can be seen on Frost’s arm from up close. Vegeta and Jaco both notice Frost slowly moving this arm up into Piccolo’s grasp, and in that instant, Piccolo loses consciousness in the same way Goku did, losing his grip and allowing Frost to attack. He blows a hole through Piccolo’s stomach and the Makankousappou goes flying upward, cracking the stage’s atmospheric dome. The referee checks for Piccolo’s pulse. Luckily, he is alive. Frost’s victory is declare, but Jaco stands to object it. He argues that Frost is cheating by using an external weapon, possibly a needle hidden in his right arm. The Universe 6 team do not acknowledge this claim. Cabba argues that Frost, a hero fighting for civilians, risking his life against space pirates, fighting alongside the Saiyans on Planet Mayonnai, would never cheat. Even Goku agrees. But Vegeta noticed it too, and reminds the referee to conduct the check. Jaco backs down when Champa threatens to destroy him if nothing is wrong, but Beerus demands the check, not concerned about Jaco’s well-being. The referee finds the needle, and loses consciousness upon poking it. Frost argues that the needle is just a part of his body, but it is evident that it has been modified. Frost is therefore disqualified, and Piccolo wins by default. Champa’s team is shocked at this discovery, but Vados is not surprised in the slightest. This is the true nature of Frost. She renders Cabba’s argument completely invalid, revealing that the space pirates that attacked Planet Mayonnai were actually led by Frost himself. He does not deny this charge. In fact, he goes on to confirm this claim. He starts wars, resolves them himself, and takes all the credit, selling lands ruined by wars for a small price, getting rich off redevelopment and reconstruction. This is not far from what Freeza did in Universe 7. After all, even if from another universe, Freeza could never be a good person. It was all a ruse. Piccolo stands back up. It was really he who didn’t understand Frost’s style. Champa complains to Vados. Choosing a guy like that makes him look bad. Although, he never told her to take his character into account. In fact, he told her to choose someone who would definitely win. This never specified they had to win fairly. Champa prepares to destroy him, but Vegeta wants a piece of him himself. Piccolo won, though, so he’ll be fighting next, but Vegeta announces Piccolo is forfeiting. As if agreeing with what Vegeta has in mind, Piccolo forfeits. Thus, Frost’s victory is renewed, and Champa tells Frost he will be forgiven if he wins the next match. If he wins the won after that, he will take into consideration Frost’s request for financial support. Vegeta confidently descends onto the battlefield. Vegeta notes that he cannot stand Frost’s voice. The fight is about to begin.

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.