“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 029

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It’s Settled: We’re Holding a Martial Arts Match!
The Team Captain’s Even Stronger Than Goku

Episode Summary: 

It has been decided! Champa and Beerus come to an agreement and decide to hold a tournament. After not much thought, Champa proposes that the tournament take place on the “Nameless Planet”, which is located in neutral space. The planet, though smaller than the sun, is lifeless, and contains no atmosphere. Goku suggests that the rules for this tournament stay true to that of the Tenka’ichi Budokai, in which contestants lose if they forfeit their match or fall out-of-bounds. Additionally, if a contestant kills their opponent they are disqualified, and weapons and performance enhancing drugs are also prohibited. Vegeta then suggests that a written test be required in order to enter to prevent any monsters that are too stupid to understand the rules from entering. The tournament will take place one week from now at 7:00 PM, which according to the “8th Solar Calendar”, is exactly 5 Earth days from now. Champa then starts to leave and Beerus tells him that he better not chicken out since this whole thing was his idea in the first place. Champa also warns Beerus and tells him that he better not either. As a parting gift, Champa tosses Goku a Don-Don bird egg; he bobbles it, but he ends up catching it.

Vados wonders how Champa could be so calm about risking their wish orbs in this competition, since they took so long to find them. Champa thinks the tournament will be an easy victory for their team, judging by the slow reaction from Goku when catching the egg.

Vegeta doesn’t care about the matches, they are only a stepping stone for him. He still aims to become number one, stronger than both sets of Gods of Destruction and their assistants. Goku wonders who besides them will be chosen for their team. Vegeta says he’ll just beat them all up himself, so it doesn’t matter. Goku, however, challenges this and decides to be the first fighter, so that Vegeta can’t hog them all to himself.

On Earth, the situation is explained to Bulma. Whis asks her to create a radar capable of tracking down the final Super Dragon Ball. It shouldn’t be difficult for her; she estimates all she has to do is strengthen the existing radar’s sensitivity. But instead, she says it might be better to just ask Shen Long where they are. Impressed with the idea, Beerus acknowledges that Bulma is not just an old, arrogant woman, but before he can finish, she slaps him on the head, the first time a human has done such a thing, according to Whis. Beerus forgives her for the idea, though. Vegeta goes off to find the Dragon Balls, Bulma concerned about his atypical behaviour.

Meanwhile, Whis and Vados travel to the planet destined to be the location of the tournament, the Nameless Planet. They have brought all their Super Dragon Balls with them, and indeed, they are the size of a planet. Champa decides to name the new planet: The Empty Planet. Vados mocks his creativity, but praises Champa for thinking hard about it, since he is burning calories. She rewards him with a thermos of 100% Yagon Bitter-Gourd juice, too bitter for even this God of Destruction to down. Vados begins reconstructing the planet and creating an arena for the tournament. She creates an indestructible dome over where the battle area will be constructed, and fills it with atmosphere emulating the refreshing air of Planet Sortert’s highlands. Next, a square arena measuring 50 meters on each side. Then, an essential component: snack stands. Finally, three portraits: one blank, one of Champa, and one of Beerus.

The others summon Shen Long. Bulma congratulates Vegeta on a job well done and kisses him on the cheek, embarrassing him. Shen Long notices how often Beerus is coming to Earth. Bulma asks where in Universe 6 the last Dragon Ball is located, but Shen Long cannot answer this. The universe is too vast to pinpoint a single object, especially in a different universe, a limit of the Earth’s Dragon Balls. Bulma leaves to create a radar. Shen Long asks if they have anymore wishes, to which Beerus responds “Scram. That’s my wish.” Goku wonders if he forgot something, and he has: he forgot to ask if Kaio-sama and company could be revived. Bulma just tells him to do it next time.

Champa continues to underestimate Beerus and his team, relaxed that he doesn’t have to do much to win. Champa intends to have at least one Saiyan on his team to fight the two that Beerus has. He also urges Vados to make his portrait less fat before they leave to assemble their team.

After dinner, Beerus and Whis prepare to leave, as they need to alert “Monaka-san” about the tournament,. Monaka is a fighter chosen to be on the Universe 7 team–whose last two members are to be chosen by Vegeta and Goku–the strongest person Beerus has ever fought, making Goku the second. Goku is eager to fight him, but Beerus tells him to focus on training for his actual opponents. Goku tries justifying his desire by noting that all that will happen to Earth is that it will move from one universe to the other, so it isn’t much of a loss, but Beerus will not tolerate him not fighting seriously. But Goku fights with all he’s got anyway, so there is no need to worry. The deity and his assistant leave.

The next morning, Bulma has already finished the Super Dragon Radar. Bulma felt it was absolutely crucial to make it in one night due to something Beerus said that disturbed her. When noting how dumb Champa is for not simply wishing for a new Earth or for delicious food daily, Beerus explains that the Super Dragon Balls are merely an excuse for Gods of Destruction to start fights, not to make wishes. If they searched, they may be able to find Super Dragon Balls in this universe too, and if Beerus found them and was forced to make a wish, he would just ask for every single world to be destroyed. Before leaving, Beerus gave Bulma a smirk that gave her the feeling he wasn’t joking, depsite Goku thinking so. Bulma is determined to find this universe’s Super Dragon Balls before Beerus does, so he cannot make such a wish. Vegeta, however, rebuts that Beerus operates with a unique sort of logic, and he wouldn’t go destroying worlds for no reason. Bulma is not convinced, and instead calls her older sister, Tights. She asks about Jaco, who had received a new and improved spaceship as a reward for helping Freeza and his army be destroyed. He is capable of reaching Earth in 50 minutes, but it travels so fast it makes him ill. Bulma asks Tights to alert Jaco that she needs him to meet her.

On another planet, Jaco constructs some sort of Jenga-like puzzle. Tights tells him to meet Bulma at her place, but Jaco pleads for her to say she couldn’t contact him, unknowing that Bulma was still on the line. His surprise causes him to knock his puzzle down. If he doesn’t show up, Bulma threatens to make Vegeta attack the Galactic Patrol HQ (although he is not in accordance), so Jaco packs up and leaves as fast as possible. Bulma won’t say why she wants Jaco here. She jokes that the two of them should just go train, and they take it seriously. She urges them to test the Super Dragon Radar, though, which does not respond. She explains that this is as powerful as she can make it, but it cannot locate anything since they are on the outskirts of the universe; they would have to travel to the centre of the universe in order for the radar to activate. Goku says Bulma can do what she wants, but asks her not to interfere with their matches. Just as Bulma is determined to find the Super Dragon Balls before Beerus can, Goku is determined to meet Monaka no matter what.

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『格闘試合』へのおさらい 残り二人のメンバーは誰だ!?
“Kakutō Shiai” e no Osarai Nokori Futari no Menbā wa Dare da!?
Rehearsing for the “Martial Arts Match”
Who Are the Two Remaining Members?!

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.