“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 025

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An All-Out Battle! The Vengeful Golden Freeza

Episode Summary: 

After hearing Goku’s explanation on his new form, Freeza smiles as he would of never imagined he would battle a Saiyan god. Freeza also acknowledges Goku had to have undergone some rather intensive training as well. He offers his sincere praise for that. Goku tells him it was indeed pretty brutal training. Freeza expects no less from a Saiyan battle addict. Goku assumes since Freeza is still smiling after seeing his form, he must of become pretty strong too.

Krillin and the others have the same reaction to Freeza’s carefree attitude. Not being frightened tells alot, Tenshinhan realizes he really is hiding power rivaling Goku’s. Bulma yells to Goku that this will be a piece of cake for him, and to beat that jerk to a pulp. Suddenly Jaco is taking many pictures of Goku, cause he has never seen a Saiyan with blue hair before. Bulma asks why, and he says he needs to document these people’s actions and report them to his superiors. Eventually because of Jaco’s reports the Earth would most likely be designated as a maximum danger zone and will be destroyed by missiles. Horrified, Bulma grabs his camera and stomps on it.

Goku tells Freeza to hurry up, cause now it’s his turn to show him the results of his training. Freeza tries to surprise Goku with a sudden attack but Goku catches his punch and dodges his moves. Goku tells him to quit and Freeza merely says he was gauging his power to see if he was good enough to see the results of his efforts. It seems that Goku was not bluffing. Freeza steps it up to the next level and begins to power up. Goku observes with great interest. A golden aura surrounds Freeza as he illuminates the entire sky with his blinding golden light. Everyone is shocked at his new golden appearance and strength, which is deemed immeasurable by Tenshinhan. Jaco takes another picture but is extremely intimated when Freeza glances over at him. Freeza comments on how the spectators are surprised by his appearance, and Goku claims he is more surprised than anyone. Freeza then talks about how he was wondering if the golden color might be too plain, however it seems the color made it easy for him to get the point of it’s power. Although it may be cheesy, Freeza decides to name this new form “Golden Freeza” Goku says he knew Freeza was good, but he didn’t think he would be this strong. Freeza claims that based on the energy he senses from Goku, he is clearly superior. Goku thinks it will be close match. Freeza says he is better, but Goku still thinks it will be a close match. The only way to find out is to begin fighting, then the answer will be clear. Freeza then says farewell to Goku, as he might accidentally end up instantly killing Goku. That is why he is saying goodbye in advance. Goku replies and says that his personality really gets on his nerves, but this time he might be right. Even though he is excited like always, he is also nervous as well. The two laugh it off and then get in their fighting stances as things are about to become serious.

The two exchange heavy blows, pounding each other in the gut. Freeza flies up and fires a ki blast and Goku repels it with his own. The two repetitively fire ki blasts at each other. Right when Freeza unleashes a steady stream of ki blasts, Goku fires a Kamehameha right through them. This triggers Freeza to fire his own energy wave against Goku’s Kamehameha. A beam struggle then ensues. As Bulma watches in awe, Whis suddenly calls her. He says he is looking forward to trying the deluxe strawberry sundae and will arrive in four minutes and thirteen seconds. Beerus is kind of mad Goku left them behind, saying he will pay for this. Whis suddenly stops traveling while in the middle of space. Unexpected company has arrived, Vados and Champa. Beerus want to know what they are doing there, and Champa says that Beerus being awake is unusual. Beerus then demands to know why the God of Destruction from Universe 6 is doing in Universe 7. Champa claims he was just passing through, and Beerus is as petty as ever. Beerus wants to know if he came to steal the delicious food he has in the Seventh Universe, to which Champa laughs. Champa has no interest in terrible food from the Seventh Universe. He says he was just going out for walk. Beerus doesn’t like jokes like that and angrily gets in Champa’s face. Champa asks him if he wants to fight. With no reply Champa then tells his assistant Vados to fight him. Vados is confused and Champa says it will take way too much effort. Whis tells Beerus to hurry onwards to Earth. The two separate and Beerus notes that was very suspicious. Champa asks Vados how many do they have now, and she tells him 5. Champa affirms they better stay on their guard so Beerus and Whis don’t find out before they have collected them all. They only need two more.

Goku and Freeza continue to have a beam struggle, Goku is amazed Freeza got this much stronger. Everyone gets down as beam struggle collapses into a large light. The two begin to fight head on again right away, melee attack after melee attack. Everyone watches closely and tells Goku to hang in there. Bulma looks over at Vegeta and gets frustrated as she wonders why he won’t fight alongside Goku. Suddenly Whis and Beerus arrive right behind her. Everyone is surprised they came as Beerus looks for the sundae. If it tastes bad to Beerus he says he will destroy them. As the fight goes on, Beerus and Whis fall in love with the delicious strawberry sundae. Krillin finds it hard to believe they would eat desert at a time like this, to which Tenshinhan says the gods truly live in an entirely different world than theirs. Beerus takes his first bite and its even better than he imagined. Coming all the way there was totally the right decision he says. Whis wholeheartedly agrees. Beerus then gets a brain freeze from eating too fast. Whis assumes that must be based on the “ice cream” thing he was served there previously.

Back at the fight, Goku then gets forcefully knocked straight down into the ocean. Freeza chases him as he flies out of it and the two continue with their impact collisions. While Beerus is fascinated with strawberries and their resemblance to brains of giant toads from Planet Manu, he then turns his attention to the fight. Goku attempts a punch but Freeza wraps his tail around his arm. Freeza then grabs his head and tries to knee Goku. Goku manages to block with one of his arms. Beerus comments that Freeza has improved quite a lot. Whis agrees cause Goku is having a hard time. Freeza then punches Goku straight in his stomach and slams him back down again. Goku still manages to avoid attacks. Freeza walks up to Goku this time, clearly knowing he has an advantage. Goku admits Freeza is better, and is still stunned it took him so long to get this far while Freeza did it in 4 months. Freeza applauds his efforts and even though Goku is nearly a god now, an ape is still an ape he says. Freeza declares now he will send him and his friends to hell so Goku won’t get lonely. As he looks at the sidelines he notices Beerus and immediately chokes while saying his name. Beerus catches Freeza’s tone and calls him cocky after Freeza didn’t address him with an honorific suffix. Freeza corrects himself and asks him why is he here. Beerus says its obvious, for the sundae. Freeza asks him if he plans on interfering with his revenge to which Beerus states he does not care about that. Telling him to do whatever he wants but to avoid getting dust on his delicious sundae. Freeza asks him again if he will interfere and Beerus says he is the God of Destruction, taking neither side here. Bulma pleads for him to take their side because everyone might get killed. Beerus tells her to be quiet, she doesn’t have to worry cause as long as she has tasty food, he will save her. He advises her to stick close to him and everyone else humorously does. Jaco asks Bulma if that guy really is Beerus the God of Destruction and wants to get a picture with him. Bulma doesn’t like the fact that he is taking pictures of Goku, then Freeza, and now Beerus as if he is clinging on to the latest fad. Jaco assures her he is an elite patrolman, so Bulma tells him to go and ask him personally to take a photo. Beerus might get angry and destroy him though. Jaco laughs and passes on that chance.

Freeza is relieved and is now ready to continue his revenge, powering up with his golden aura and threatening to grind Goku into space dust. He punches and kicks Goku into the air and then karate chops him in the neck, then forcing a ki wave for Goku to block. Goku blocks until he hits the ground head on with his back, surely causing lots of pain. Freeza levitates downwards and looks over his opponent and smiles at his pain.

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.