“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 017

Dragon ball super episode 17 title

Pan is Born! And Goku Goes Off on a Training Journey?!

Episode Summary:

6 months have passed since Vegeta began his training under Whis, far away from Earth. Since then Videl had her daughter Pan, while Gohan is a dedicated scholar and Dad. Mister Satan loves his granddaughter and often spends time playing with her while making funny faces that makes Pan laugh. Gohan comes home from work, and reveals himself to be the “Great Saiyaman” in front of Pan to entertain her. He vows to defeat Mr. Satan who stole her heart, so they play fight and spar while tossing Pan around for fun. Chi Chi comes in to give Videl more food, and witnesses Pan in the air. She freaks out and snatches her away from the two. She refuses to allow such handling on her granddaughter, despite Gohan reasoning Pan has Saiyan blood and will be fine with it. Chi Chi disagrees and insists Pan should be raised as a nice and sweet girly-girl instead of ending up as a “battle loving idiot” like her husband. Mr. Satan reveals he envisioned Pan to become an accomplished martial artist and future successor with over a hundred disciples. Despite his protest Chi Chi still has no problems shooting down his dreams.

Bulma is driving in the city while bank robbers flee a scene, they ram into her as she is stopped at a light. Even though a police officer is on their trail, an angry Bulma takes matters into her own hands and pursues them. She drives out into the country and uses jet speed to stop them. The robbers are caught and handcuffed by the police officer, who is coincidently Krillin. Krillin is disappointed with how Bulma handled the situation. He thanks her for the reckless help and then fines her a speeding ticket. Krillin’s phone rings and they are called over to Gohan’s house to deal with Chi Chi. Goten brings Goku too. They all figure out how to deal with Chi Chi, who locked herself with Videl in a room. Nobody knows how to handle it besides Bulma who offers to help in exchange for Krillin getting rid of her ticket, who refuses. She helps anyways, and tells Chi Chi the positive aspects. Gohan is a successful scholar, Goku is a hard worker at his job, Vegeta hasn’t even come home in months and has been training with Whis for almost half a year now. Goku overhears what Vegeta is up to and breaks through the wall demanding more information. He cannot believe Vegeta is training with Whis. Goku asks Bulma when Whis will come by again, because he wants to ask him if he can train there. Chi Chi shuts down Goku’s wishes to train, telling him he must be a good grandfather for Pan. Goku gets sad, and even when Krillin tells him to try to search for Vegeta’s ki to teleport there, he cannot sense Vegeta at all, figuring he must be too far in space.

Goku is desperate to train and follows Bulma everywhere hoping to find out if Whis is on Earth. It comes to a point where Goku asks her right when she gets out of the shower, and she punches him out of annoyance! Bulma gives Goku his own smart phone. Now whenever Whis comes back, she will give him a call. Chi Chi walks in and is instantly suspicious, but Goku excuses himself by saying him and Bulma are planning a surprise party for Pan. Chi Chi is happy and makes out Goku to be a good grandfather. Now all Goku does is stare at his phone waiting for a call. Gohan looks at him and wonders why he is so concentrated on the phone. Chi Chi explains to Gohan he will find out soon enough. However when Gohan spies on his father, he happens to catch him right when Bulma calls Goku to tell him Whis is on Earth. Goku puts on his gi and flies off, and Gohan knows Chi Chi won’t like this. Goku approaches and asks Whis to train him. Whis accepts his wish to be trained but he must wait until after his meal with Bulma. Goku is very impatient and interrupts Whis several times before Whis has to address his behavior as annoying. After the meal Whis tells Goku his energetic but impatient behavior could be problematic while training.

Right as Goku and Whis leave, Gohan flies toward them with an angry Chi Chi. She is very upset Goku wants to leave already and knows because of Bulma. Gohan tells his mother Goku’s training is for the greater good of the planet, and he won’t be gone for too long. Chi Chi knows how that goes though, and expects him to be gone forever. Goten tries to persuade but Chi Chi tells him to stay out of it. She wants him to be a good grandfather for baby Pan. Whis figures this could take a while and starts to depart from Earth. Goku escapes Chi Chi and tells him he wants to be stronger no matter what, he leaps onto Whis and flies off. Chi Chi seems upset at first, but instantly gets over it and assumes it was inevitable for Goku to run off once again. She still wants to have a surprise party for Pan though and Bulma definitely agrees and supports it, with great prizes and no dragon balls this time. Gohan gazes off into the sky and hopes for the best for his father’s latest endeavor in training.

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Ora mo Kita zo! Birusu-sei de Shugyō Kaishi da!
I’ve Come Too! Training Begins on Beerus’ Planet!

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. No information has been given regarding an international release.  Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.