“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 008

Dragon ball super 8 title

Goku Steps Up! The Last Chance From Beerus-sama?!

Episode Summary:

Vegeta, enraged by what had just transpired, attacks Beerus full-force. It seems as if he puts up a great fight, much more so than Goku could. Vegeta goes as far as mocking Beerus’s “God of Destruction” title, and for a minute it seems as if Vegeta was able to obliterate the deity! However, Beerus floats unaffected by Vegeta’s most powerful attack; this opponent is too weak to be the Super Saiyan God. Though, Beerus does give Vegeta the benefit of the doubt, praising him for forcing him to use 10% of his power. Beerus easily defeats Vegeta with a flick, and he prepares to destroy the Earth. He hesitates, though, when he sees a pile of delicious food on the table, wondering if it would be a waste destroying the planet. Bulma concurs and informs Beerus that he has not even scratched the surface of delectable earthling cuisine, and this causes Beerus to give the planet a “chance”.

Meanwhile, the Pilaf gang rows away from the cruise ship on a boat they found in the trash. They had to rush to get out, which means not only no Dragon Balls, but no leftovers to eat! When Mai proposes to return to the ship, Pilaf refuses, not wanting to get entangled with the affairs of “monsters”.

The God of Destruction stands on stage looking over everyone else, preparing to choose a victim. He chooses Oolong, and challenges him to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The conditions are: if Oolong wins, Beerus will leave the planet and go home without doing anything; if Beerus wins, the planet will be wiped out of existence. Oolong is frightened, wondering why he was chosen. Beerus mistook his identity for the same race as Majin Boo, but Oolong defends himself, stating it is a coincidence that they are both pink and fat. Beerus does not care about the connection, or lack thereof, and still demands that Oolong play the game. They throw down their hands. First, a draw. Beerus is suspicious of Oolong, who in actuality did nothing wrong. They play again, and still a draw. Bulma encourages Oolong by promising him “anything” if he wins. The two competitors draw out all the willpower they have in odd forms, convinced they can win. They throw down for the third time, Beerus throwing rock, and Oolong throwing scissors. He lost. Pu’ar is furious, and the rest of the party is hopeless. Whis, who has been eating this entire time, appears with a box of food for the road, signaling Beerus it is time to destroy the Earth and return home. As he prepares to unleash a massive ball of energy, he is interrupted by Goku, who has been watching from the distance for a while now. Goku makes a rather awkward and clumsy entrance, and nervously wishes Bulma a happy birthday, sadly informing her he didn’t bring a present. At the moment, this is of no importance, especially Bulma’s age, asked by Goku as well. Goku pleads to Beerus not to destroy the Earth, and that it is silly to decide the planet’s fate based on a mere game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Goku has an idea that may be able to bring out the Super Saiyan God, so he requests just a little time, which Beerus reluctantly accepts. However, this is their last chance, and if this does not work to make Beerus’s destined opponent to appear, then he will not only destroy the planet, but the entire solar system as well…!

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お待たせ、ビルス様 ついに超サイヤ人ゴッド誕生!
O Matase, Birusu-sama Tsui ni Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo Tanjō!
Sorry About the Wait, Beerus-sama — Finally, Super Saiyan God is Born!

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Toei Animation announced the production of Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Dragon Ball Super began syndication on Sunday mornings on Fuji TV in Japan on July 5, 2015, with Norihito Sumitomo returning as its musical composer, and Tadayoshi Yamamuro as the series’ character designer. No information has been given regarding an international release.  Dragon Ball Super takes place exactly 6 months following the defeat of Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super is being “overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama”.