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Jul 07

“Resurrection ‘F'” Regal LA Live Coverage

Resurrection 'F' ssgss

The Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ English dub premiere recently took place at the Regal LA Live Stadium in Los Angles, California. Our affiliates RobotUnderdog, along with Geek Outpost, were able to attend the film’s premiere, as well as the red carpet event that took place prior to the film’s screening. Check out some of the celebrity interviews that …

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Apr 24

Help Fund “Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope” Episodes 2 & 3!!

With only 14 days remaining, and over $15,000 dollars needed to make Light of Hope Episodes 2 & 3.. it’s time to raise our hands and lend all of our energy..RobotUnderdog has promised fans a worthwhile live-action adaption of Dragon Ball Z, they did not disappoint… at all. The success of their non-profit fan made web-series …

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Feb 23

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Pilot

RobotUnderdog Light of Hope SSJ

Today is the day many fans have been waiting for, the launch of RobotUnderdog’s highly anticipated live-action web series entitled “Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope.” The pilot episode of Light of Hope makes its way to YouTube, and while we don’t want to completely spoil the 15 minute episode (which is embedded below), we will …

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Feb 07

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Release Date + Exclusive Interview

Light of Hope Release Date

RobotUnderdog announced VIA their official YouTube channel that the Pilot for their Dragon Ball Z live action web series titled, Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is going to be released on February 23, 2015. This project has been in the works for some time now, and after multiple teaser trailers, the best Dragon Ball Z live action …

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Oct 29

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Official Trailer #3

RobotUnderdog unveiled the final trailer for the 1st episode of the live action project/web series, Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. Before we venture into details, this web series is based on the TV Special “Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks”, the “alternate timeline” without intervention from Future Trunks. Goku dies from a heart virus, and Dr. …

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Sep 22

RobotUnderdog Live Action – Super Saiyan Transformation Review (Screenshot)

RobotUnderdog Light of Hope SSJ

RobotUnderdog is the team responsible for the Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope live action project. This live action mini-web-series will be based on, and corresponding with the events of the “alternate timeline”, which became popular through the TV special Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (You can see the projects official trailer here). …

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Mar 24

Robot Underdog Dragon Ball Z “Light of Hope”- Future Trunks

Robot Underdog has officially announced that a martial artist by the name of Tim Neff was casted as Future Trunks in the Robot Underdog Dragon Ball Z live action project, “Light of Hope“. Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope will be a three-part, live action, mini web series, that is being put together by a …

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Mar 03

Derek Padula Discusses his Involvement in RobotUnderdog Live Action Project

The first trailer for the RobotUnderdog live action web series was released today! Prior to it’s release, Derek Padula, the script writer for the web series, posted a blog via his website. Check out what he had to say about his involvement in the project below. There is a new live-action DBZ project in development …

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Feb 06

RobotUnderdog Cast Revealed for Live Action Web Series


RobotUnderdog is currently creating a 3-Part live-action web series for Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. Below are images of the some of the official cast members that we can expect to see when the project is complete. To go along with the aforementioned images, we have a press release, as well as a test footage for …

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Oct 23

Marvel Vs. DBZ: Sentry Vs. SSJ3 Goku

Sentry Vs. Goku

Week number four is here and as promised we have the fourth Marvel Vs. DBZ character match up! So far we have reported on three other what if character battles. These battles include Broly Vs. Hulk, Phoenix Vs. Ultimate Gohan!, and Piccolo Vs. Thor! The match up for this week Sentry Vs. SSJ3 Goku. Just like the weeks prior, us at Dragon Ball Insider are …

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