Bonus Chapter: Dragon Ball Minus

Bonus Chapter: Dragon Ball Minus

Dragon Ball Minus - Bonus Chapter

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, a manga written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama himself contains a special bonus chapter called: Dragon Ball Minus, which features some of the most notorious characters in the Dragon Ball universe: Bardock, Freeza, Vegeta, Goku, Raditz and a character which made many fans go on to say: “we can now die in peace”. That character is none other than Goku and Raditz’s mother, Gine. This is a short story of Goku’s real past where Akira Toriyama said he “did not even know about himself”.

Our story begins with Bardock and his Saiyan comrade annihilating life-forms on an unknown planet. They suddenly receive a message VIA scouter transmission that says “all Saiyans are ordered to return to Planet Vegeta under Lord Freeza’s order”. Bardock starts to have a bad feeling about the whole situation. On Bardock’s and his comrade’s way home, he takes his scouter off to avoid being caught slandering Freeza. As they get closer to Planet Vegeta, they both see Freeza’s spaceship above the planet, which induces even more suspicions about him.

In his spaceship Freeza wonders and talks about the so called “Super Saiyan” and “Super Saiyan God” myths, to which his assistant replies they are just a heroic legend made up by the Saiyans, nothing more. Freeza acknowledges it as a mere legend but he assumes the Saiyans are too proud of a race to serve him loyally forever. He states that it is best to annihilate their race all at once within a month to avoid taking risks if the Saiyan legends were proven true. His assistant states that it will take longer than a month for all the Saiyans to make it back, and if they survive they would start to question Freeza about the destruction of their home planet. Freeza tells him to just act as if a giant meteor collided against it, thus, resulting in a planetary explosion.

Somewhere on an unknown planet Raditz asks Vegeta if he’s going to ignore the order of returning back home. Vegeta who is enjoying his meal and does not care for Freeza’s sudden orders, tells Raditz they will plead ignorance if they’re asked as to why they didn’t follow the order.

Back on Planet Vegeta, Bardock and company make their arrival. Bardock is greeted by one of the many Saiyan’s, who tells him that they might have all been gathered here to go conquer a juicy planet.

Bardock is then greeted by Gine (ギネ), Goku’s mother, who embraces him in excitement for his return. He asks Gine where Raditz is, and she replies stating that he is already in combat, and that he was sent off to some distant planet with Prince Vegeta. Bardock says that Vegeta is one tough individual to have as a partner.


Bardock and Gine then head to Kakarot’s incubator, who has been in there for 3 yearrs. Gine tells him it is almost time for their son to come out. Bardock doesn’t waste any time in telling Gine about his plan for stealing a Space Pod to send Kakarot onto another planet. Gine quickly yells at Bardock for his unusual behavior, questioning his reasoning and why he is worried. He tells Gine that this plan is for their own son’s protection.

As they steal a Space Pod, Bardock tells Gine that he can sense the presence of death. Gine is surprised that he is worried about their son, because as a warrior race Saiyan’s only reproduce for the purpose of war, not love. In Bardock’s case, he acknowledges the fact that Gine’s softness might have rubbed off on him.

As they program the Space Pod to head towards Earth, Kakarot cries and pleads to get out. Gine suggests that they all escape together to which Bardock refuses due to the fact that they can be tracked through their scouters.

Dragon Ball Minus - Screen cap

As they say their goodbyes to Kakarot, they claim that they will come get him as soon as possible if Bardock is wrong about his hunch. They tell young Kakarot that most importantly above all, he must live! The Space Pod lifts up in the air and heads towards Earth.

At the Galactic Patrol Headquarters, King Galaxy summons Jaco who entrusts him with a mission. Jaco is ordered to follow the Space Pod that is headed for Earth. Jaco states that Earth does not matter to him and inquirers if he can let mankind go extinct at his discretion. King Galaxy seems to care little for Earth, but encourages Jaco to arrive a few days before the Saiyan to ensure that everything is well investigated before attempting anything.

And so, it was only a short period later that Planet Vegeta was obliterated with the whole Saiyan race on it. The child that avoided his home planet’s destruction would grow up into the fine and strong being that we know today as Son Goku. The son of Bardock and Gine, Kakarot, eventually faces Freeza and humiliates him.

*It is imperative for Dragon Ball fans to read Jaco the Galactic Patrolman manga before watching “Revival of ‘F”” as this is a prequel to Dragon Ball. Doing so will allow you to understand the upcoming movie, being that Jaco will be making an appearance.*


Dragon Ball Minus

Interesting to Note:

It is to no one’s surprise that you may find the T.V Special “Bardock: The Father of Goku” and “Dragon Ball Minus” contradicting one other in terms of Kakarot, Bardock’s story, and the Saiyan’s backstory implemented.

The events of Dragon Ball Minus happen a month before the destruction of the planet, so we consider Planet Meat and everything thereafter to be canon, so that aspect it’s not really contradicted.

According to Toriyama, Bardock: The Father of Goku was once considered to be a well respected work, and though it still may be, Toriyama re-wrote history, and created his own vision of Bardock, as well as Goku’s journey too earth. Toriyama liked “Bardock the Father of Goku so much, he even incorporated a scene from the film in his manga!

More completely stated on our Canon vs. Non-Canon Page:

Goku’s journey was retconned, he was sent to Earth to be spared from Freeza’s attack of Planet Vegeta, not to kill the planet’s inhabitants. But it could be a misconception that Raditz THINKS Goku was sent to destroy the population and unaware of the real circumstances. Raditz was young at the time so even if Gine told him the predicament, he had complete faith in Freeza and believed the meteor story, so it is likely that he didn’t really believe Gine when she told him the attack story. So that part of the manga is not contradicted by Dragon Ball Minus. Not only this, but Goku was still a Saiyan and still naturally violent when he came to earth, so Bardock’s new soft personality didn’t have to be passed down to Goku at the start, so his becoming soft as a result of hitting his head is also not contradicted like some people believe.

Bardock is made out to be a loving, caring father, but he says that Gine has rubbed off on him, meaning that he could still have had that old personality seen before during his son’s birth, but this takes place three years after Goku’s birth so during that time he got softer

Fun Fact: Bardock is the ONLY original NON-canon character in DBZ, that eventually becomes canon through a multiple panel chapter in the manga with a flash back from “Bardock: The Father of Goku.”

So, while Bardock: The Father of Goku was incorporated into the manga, Dragon Ball Minus happened 1 month before the destruction of the planet. With that said, it is save to say Planet Meat and everything thereafter to be canon, so that aspect it’s not really contradicted.

Dragon Ball Minus is a critical read, as Jaco himself will make an appearance in the upcoming “Revival of ‘F'”.

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