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May 02

Female Saiyan Caulifla Makes Her Debut in Dragon Ball Super

Female Super Saiyan Caulifla 2

On this week’s Dragon Ball Super, a character we have been teased multiple times finally made her debut–a female Saiyan, now known as Caulifla, a pun on the word “Cauliflower”, keeping in tune with the theme of Saiyan names bearing those of vegetables. Another female Saiyan character was first teased in the preview trailer for the “Universe …

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Apr 26

Viz Media Uploads Official Trailer for “Dragon Ball Super” Manga

dragon ball super manga promo

Earlier today, Viz Media uploaded an official trailer for their upcoming English-language release of the Dragon Ball Super manga adaptation to their YouTube channel. The trailer focuses on Goku’s battle with Beerus, the God of Destruction, although the first volume of the manga also features content from the Universe 6/Champa arc as well (as the manga …

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Apr 26

“XENOVERSE 2” DLC Pack #3 Released on April 25

xenoverse dlc 3 zamasu

A few days ago, Bandai Namco announced that the third pack of downloadable content for Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2, what they call “DB Super Pack 3”, would be released today, on April 25, 2017. In addition to more new techniques, costumes, quests and customizable features, new playable characters will be featured i