Apr 18

Toei Animation Europe Announces New Dragon Ball Z Kai Episodes

Toei Animation Europe recently announced that different parts of Europe will be airing new episodes of Dragon Ball Kai (Dragon Ball Z Kai Internationally), the Majin Buu arc.

Dragon Ball Z Kai Europe

Dragon Ball Z Kai is back on air in Japan with the Buu Saga (69 x 26’), the much-anticipated closing chapter of the cult series.

Those new episodes will be broadcast on Fuji TV every Sunday at 9 am, starting from April 6. This remastered and reedited series is being broadcast in the UK on Kix, in Portugal on Sic Radical, in Poland on AXN Spin, and in France on Game One.

Dragon Ball Kai made it’s return on April 6th, 2014 starting with episode 99, the beginning of the Majin Buu arc. Dragon Ball Kai airs each Sunday morning at 9:00am on Fuji TV in Japan. Still no official announcement regarding a North American release, although, we do know it’s going to happen. Europe was the first continent to announce international debut intentions.

Apr 08

Dragon Ball Kai Episode 100 Preview

Toei Animation has updated its’ YouTube channel with a preview for episode 100 of Dragon Ball Kai. The episode is titled, “Found out! The New Hero is Son Gohan!”. Episode 100 will air on Sunday, April 13th at 9:00am on Fuji TV in Japan.

New Dragon Ball Kai Logo

Dragon Ball Kai made it’s return on April 6th, 2014 starting with episode 99, the beginning of the Majin Buu arc. Dragon Ball Kai airs each Sunday morning at 9:00am on Fuji TV. Still no official announcement for an international release, although, we do know it’s going to happen.

Apr 08

Fan-made Dragon Ball Z Fighter – “Hyper Dragon Ball Z”

A fan-made Dragon Ball Z fighting game has gone viral! The name of this game is called “Hyper Dragon Ball Z“, and “Team Z2” is responsible for its’ coding and animation. This game is being made on the MUGEN engine. The creators have already released Goku, Vegeta, SSJ Goku, Mr. Satan (joke character), and the Saibamen (bonus game) on the engine, individually, as well as many fighting backgrounds. Check out the trailer below.

Hyper Dragonball Z is a fan-made effort to make a Capcom-quality DBZ game, one you wish were a reality! Many years of hard work have been put into this. If you like what you see; Like and Share, spread the word! And who knows, Hyper Dragonball Z might get an official release one day…
For more personal questions, suggestions or thank yous, please contact realhyperdbz@gmail.com

Hyper Dragonball Z was a hit on arcades in the summer of 1999, with its timed unlocks and classical art direction, it was a hit and soon became a cult sensation. The game had several CPU only fights, including the very infamous Kid Buu, who was faced as the final boss and was able to counter just about anything you threw at him!

Actually no, that’s a lie. This game never had a release, because it doesn’t exist.What you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing is the culmination of several years of work by true Dragonball Z fans, a small group of fighting games afficionados and the moving pieces and parts were coded in freeware indie fighting game engine, Mugen.

Team Z2 was responsible for the code and animations you’ve just seen in action.

Our motivation was born from seeing the many official and unofficial games that DBZ has spawned over the last years. Usually packed with tons of characters, those games have always left us with a bad taste in our mouths.
This demo is based on games in the vein of Capcom’s Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, adapted and fine-tuned to represent Dragonball’s highly cinematic action in a way that actual combat means more than repeating the same combination of buttons over and over again.

This is how we envision a perfect Dragonball game. Gone is the sensation of every character being interchangeable and having the same style of fighting.
Instead, we have characters with beautiful animations, cinematic moves, skillful combos, interesting movesets, unique traits and the kind of fanservice that’d make any Dragonball fan smirk. We drew from all sources and we committed to our vision, which we share with you.

The graphics have that 2D charm that, in our opinion, was lost in the transition to 3D games.
The gameplay is intense, pulse-pounding and would look absolutely amazing in fighting game tournaments such as EVO. Counters, Air Combos, Dash Colissions, Super Projectiles, Beam Struggles, a large variety of fun character introductions and winposes… it’s all in there. I can see people going insane over the intense battles that are possible.

We have in no way association with the DBZ license, we are mere fans. Our purpose is to show what CAN be made with the license. The moving bits of this presentation were made over time, with the effort of many.
We have 5 of these characters and 11 stages out there that anyone can try out. We have 3 characters unreleased and in several states of progress, we expect to put them out eventually as well.

This video was made mostly to make people aware that this exists. Why?
Because we love creating and we want to show our inner fire. Consider it a proof of concept. We knew this could be done with effort and talented people, all it takes is hard work.

Balthazar – Z2 captain, character spriter, main gameplay designer, maker of this video.
Iced – Idea Enginneer Extraordinaire, Z2 manager of sorts.
Cybaster – Character Programmer.
Daeron – Stage Spriter and programmer, character sprite assistant.
WizzyWhipItWonderful – Epic CPS2 music composer.
NoZ – Creator of the Saiyan Pride stage.
Infinite – Character AI programmer.
ShockDingo – Voice Actor for Freeza, Shenron and announcer.
RicePirate – Awesome Person and Voice Actor for Vegeta.
Philly Spider-Man – Voice Actor for Gohan.
The_None – Saibaman programmer.

The feedback we’ve received on these characters from the Mugen community has been very positive in general (if you didn’t know, this was all coded in Mugen), but the mainstream audience doesn’t really know they exist yet.
One of my greatest desires is to get some sort of acknowledgement from some people at Capcom or Bandai and from highly-regarded fighting game players.

Please leave us feedback and comments, we would love to see them!

Now, it’s your time to help us. Help us get this video go viral. Like and Favourite it but most of all, SHARE it. That one kid you used to watch DBZ episodes with 10 years ago? Share it with him. Your parents, your boss? Link them up.
Any friends, family or contacts working at big game companies? Active in fightng game tournaments? Spread the word, share this video. I’m convinced we can do it!

If anything, I hope this video put a smile on your face.

Ronnie, a.k.a. Balthazar


P.P.S. Get your pre-packed sample here:


Or, you can grab the characters and stages seperately here :


For more stuff, go here:


Apr 06

Dragon Ball Kai Episode 99 Released

Today was a super exciting day for DBZ fans! And for myself, as well, not to mention hectic, nerve-racking, and plain stressful…But more on that in a bit.

It may have been April 5th here in the States, but over yonder in Japan it was already April 6th. And any anticipating Kai fan knows what was in store for today… the unveiling of the first episode of the Kai Boo Saga! All over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you could feel the excitement growing with every minute the episode neared, with plenty of fans asking us how to view it, general questions regarding the event, and simply fun discussion regarding the event and Kai in general!

It’s no secret that I love Dragon Ball Kai. In many ways I prefer it to Dragon Ball Z, mainly because I hate filler, I hate the original dub, and I love Yamamoto’s music (but let’s not touch on that). The Kai Boo arc was something I have looked forward to and hoped for since the end of the Kai Cell arc way back in 2011 (wow, it’s been that long already!?). And now that this was the day it would finally begin, I was super hyped. So hyped, in fact, that I decided to marathon Fuji TV from the start of the day till Kai aired. My journey began around 9:30 AM PST, which would be 1:30 JST. At that time, Fuji TV was broadcasting a horse racing show, with, in my opinion, one of the anchors being ridiculously cute.



 After this there was a very boring kendou show, and at 11:00 AM PST (3:00 JST) there was a boxing match. This is where others began to join me, and when I shared the stream link to a select few. We were all very excited for it.


At 12:00 AM PST (4:00 JST), this is where the fun began. There were two back to back paid programs, both advertising odd products meant for body building. One was like a electric shaver and the other was a type of shoe. During this run, not only did my stream-sharers and I have a lot of fun cracking jokes about the odd products, but a commercial for Kai came on around 11:30 PST (3:30 JST), and that got me more hyped than I’ve been in a very long time. I just could not wait!


After the paid programming, at 1:00 PM PST (5:00 JST), there was a 45 minute speech on self confidence that I thought was very interesting, actually (I mean, from what I could understand, anyway). Still a few jokes were cracked by friends and me early on, but overall the speech was interesting.DRAGON BALL KAI DRAGON BALL KAI

After the speech, the morning block finally began with the FNN 6:00 AM News. It began with something regarding the still-negotiating Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Japan and Australia.


Not long after this brief news segment, viewers were treated with the Japanese version of the British children’s show Chuggington, which, to me, was not very entertaining; at this point no one else was watching along with me.DRAGON BALL KAI

After Chuggington there was an hour of morning talk shows, but this is where things began to get complicated. Around 3:00 PM PST (7:00 JST), one of the people I shared the link to the stream with reported that, upon returning to the stream to check on things, it no longer worked. Instead, he was greeted with the image of a super-deformed drawing of Lebron James flying with a cape, with the Fengybzhibo logo next to him (this was the website we were streaming from). This was very bad. We have by this point made the link public, and encouraged all our Instagram followers (not including DBInsider, since no one posted anything on that page) to join us to view the premiere. I felt bad for the others who couldn’t watch, but I had other alternatives.

First, I readied KeyHole TV, just in case other backups failed. KeyHole TV is the absolute worst way to view Japanese television online. Firstly, you need a premium account to view streaming channels. Even then, it’s not worth it. The video quality is absolutely horrid, and the audio is even worse. It barely even works. Not to mention the constant lag and server disconnects.

Instead, I sought to stream the episode in a different way, using the program Niji Show.


At first, it worked very well, and the video quality was actually even better than the first stream’s! I was content and very excited… until that too failed me. After an extreme lag I tried reconnecting to the stream, but it simply wouldn’t load, and time was up. Therefore, I had to use the barely operable KeyHole TV to watch the premiere live, left with no other alternative. I was defeated in the end.

Later on I tried to reclaim my victory against the struggle of streaming Japanese TV using the on-demand streaming service NTKTV. I was sure this would be possible as the streams went all the way to 8:00 JST, but in some horrible stroke of luck for me, they skipped the 9:00 stream and jumped weirdly to a 9:51 stream. That completely shattered my morale.

Luckily a few hours later someone posted a raw 720p torrent of the episode, but it’s just not the same as watching it live. Hopefully I and the rest of the fandom have more luck next week.

___ ___ ___

Anyway, on to the actual episode itself.

Entitled “7 Years Since That Event! Starting Today, Gohan’s a High Schooler”, this covered the very beginning of the Boo saga up until Goten is introduced. Like you’d expect from Kai, it’s very fast paced and takes no breaks to catch its breath. It’s sort of feels like the story cuts around a bit too much, considering the Boo arc didn’t have quite so much filler as the other arcs, but overall it doesn’t detract from the entertainment perspective at all. The audio is great and so is the voice acting. Videl’s new voice is fresh and has the cute factor, but it detracts from the tone her original voice gave. The music by Norihito Sumitomo (also the composer for Battle of Gods) fit well for the light-heartedness of this first episode. There were some recycled cues from the film itself, but everything, in my opinion, was good, and it will be interesting to be exposed to more of this score as the series rolls along. The video is sharp and clear, and Toei did a decent job remastering it, but there is serious need to make the colours a bit darker. Definitely not as bad as FUNimation, but it’s still a bit on the bright side. Overall, though, this revived pilot made me excited and stressed out, and I’m anticipating next week’s episode!




Apr 03

Scans of Goku’s Mother ‘Gine’ Revealed

Scans of Goku’s mother Gine have surfaced from the bonus chapter of Jaco the Galactic Patolman called Dragon Ball Minus. Dragon Ball Minus will be covering Goku’s life before heading to earth, along with the introduction of his aforementioned mother, ‘Gine’. Gine, (pronounced “ghi-neh”) is a name pun on the word “Negi”, which in Japanese means scallion or spring onion. Yet, another vegetable! Check out the images below.



Viz Media will be releasing this chapter three days after the Japanese release of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman hits shelves on April 4, 2014, and will also release their English edition of the series, both digitally and in print in January 2015.

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman (or as it is called in Japanese, “Galaxy Patrol Jaco”) is Toriyama’s probable final standalone manga series which began its’ run in Weekly Shouen Jump magazine in Japan and the United States (only digitally) on July 13, 2013. This manga series is confirmed to be directly with Dragon Ball. Find out how here!

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